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Have you ever repeated the same nightmare time after time after time?

Two years after the critically acclaimed release of, "Under Seven Skies", Dahlia’s Tear delivers a new album.
"Dreamsphere" conjures visions from the depths of elusive, eerie dreams.
It enables your mind to step out of reality, into haunted spheres.
This introspective work, is an enigmatic, dark ambient and industrial recording, with compositions reflecting a light starved, timeless journey.
The listener will experience emptiness.
The dark corridors of your mind will release it's fears and anxiety.
The subconscious will unfold into the obscure unknown, experiencing ominous desolation, and whispering echoes of distant nocturnal voices.
The droning sound of ancient machines, and ghostly clicks of clock gears, provide a prophetic lullaby to your personal dream sphere.
"Dreamsphere" provides dark soundscapes, manipulated field recordings, and narrative speeches, combined with cold lush strings and raw pad layers.
Inviting the listener to their personal nightmare with Dahlia's Tear.

Tracklist :
1.The Transition
2.Entrance To Dreamsphere
3.Carousel Of The Headless Horses
4.Dreamescape (Liquid Chamber)
5.Toward The Dark Cellar
6.An Enigma In The Black Gap

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