Sapere Aude



ELDAR is a Barcelona-based project created in 2004 by Marc Merinee and Merce Spica, with a few obscure and limited releases in the past.
On this new album, entitled SAPERE AUDE, each track has been created in a unique collaboration with close related bands and projects, each adding new instrumentations, melodies and voices & noises - all treated and strongly bound together by the special ELDAR-sound to an epic and entralling listening.
This is nothing but pure classic old-school CMI music, in the vein of Archon Satani, early Raison d'être, or Deutsch Nepal; low brooding analog industrial sounds and voices, thunderous percussion with a densed martial bombast.

Collaborating acts have been the following: Psychaotic, Der Blauer Reiter, Wyrm, Nurss, Persona, R.E.O., Argentum, Verbum, Miguel Mazur, Plagiarism Is Art, Erg, Ruins Winter, Lomo Bajo, Escuadron de la Muerte

Comes in a beautiful 4-panel digipak created from the fantastic paintings of Benjamin Novoa Longueira

1. Zeitgeist
2. Le syndrome de Cotard (with Psychaotic)
3. The Grave of mankind (with Der Blauer Reiter)
4. From the deep sea (with The Wyrm)
5. New Gods (with Nurss)
6. Lied der neuen welt (with Persona)
7. Alexander Nexsky (with R.E.O.)
8. Untitled (with Argentum)
9. Aevum VI (with Verbum)
10.Una madre reptil en el nido (with Miguel Mazur)
11. Contubernio (with Plagiarism Is Art)
12. Horus (with Erg)
13. Faith is a lie (with Ruins Winter)
14. 18 Julio (with Lomo Bajo)
15. 26 de Diciembre (with Escuadron de la Muerte)

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