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CD-R Digipack + T-Shirt (OECDR 051) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 50 copies

Eldar has created a unique pack :
CD + T-Shirt + Optional Beer with 3 good friends (Rudolf, Alonso Urbanos and Avantehermetico).

NB : OEC don't offers the full pack including the Beer which must ordered directly from "AVANTEHERMETICO", the Spanish producer!
If interested in the full set arrange with "AVANTEHERMETICO" the order of the Beer and fix with him shipping fees from Spain.
or via e-mail here :

The limited CDR contains rarities and unreleased sessions songs composed during the years 2011 to 2013 and was released as a digipak by Rudolf / OEC.

The T-SHIRT is a created by renowned graphic designer Alonso Urbanos.
He has also been responsible for designing the art work for the CD and beer label, creating a united whole of this triangle CD+Tshirt+Beer.

The BEER is a special esoteric beer from the oenologist Avantehermetico: having developed a blood bonded interest for art and the occult I thought it was time to connect the three corners of the triangle Art, Occult and Fermentation.
A black beer, high alcohol to make you walk through the left hand path, Smoked to remind of the inner fire.
This beer makes you feel different after drinking.

We warmly encourage you to: wear the shirt, put the CD in the player and enjoy this great beer all in one!

Main ingredients: Malts, pale ale, chocolate, biscuit, smoked, caraaroma, Montseny water
Tasting Notes: Very dark colour, unfiltered but with not impurities at all, low level of yeast dregs due to the use of Irish Mosh and low temperature clarification.
Olfative: Almond, pear, coffee, chocolate, raspberry. Hints of licorize
Gustative: Bittersweet entrance in the mouth, strong extraction from the black deeps of roasted and smoked malts. Full bodied, velvety and persistent.
Recomended: drinking temperature 10-12 ºC, Keep it upright at least for a week

T-SHIRT available in following sizes : S / M / L / XL
Please specify size when ordering !!!

CDr Track List:
01.Anima (Extended)
02.God (Extended)
03.Trickster (Instrumental)
09.De Ignibus Caelestibus
10.The Moon Salamandae

Track 01 to 03 Versions from the album "The Secret Golden Flower" edited by Old Europa Cafe 2012.
Track 04 Originally published from the 12' Vinyl limited edition by Steinklang 2013
Track 05 to 08 Unreleased sessions created by Eldar for the album "Sacrosanct" with Atrium Carceri edited by Infinite Fog / Cryo Chamber 2012.
Track 09 Originally published in "Behind The Canvas Of Time" Compilation edited by Tesco / Cryo Chamber 2012.
Track 10 Originally published in "Septem, The Seven Luminaries" Compilation Edited By Quartier 23 Records 2011.

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