Ett Berg av Fasa


CD Digipack (cmi 171) - COLD MEAT INDUSTRY

We can honestly say that Stormfågel have produced a stunning follower to their charming debut album from 2005, "Den Nalkande Stormen" (cmi149).
Stormfågel, Swedish born Andreas Neidhardt and Hungarian vocalist Eva Mag, are back to bless us with a surprisingly phenomenal new work!
The music of Stormfagel combines ethnic sounding neofolk compositions sung in Hungarian by Eva, with martial tinged orchestral selections sung by Andreas and Eva together, and their new album, "Ett Berg Av Fasa", impregnates with a beautiful blend of their very special mixture of Swedish / Hungarian martial neofolk orchestrations.
The strong and confident voice of Eva Mag sings across the music, in Swedish and in Hungarian as traditional chants, which works extraordinary well with the dark romantic orchestral strings and ritualistic martial drummings, the violins, the bells, keyfiddle and woodwinds.
Marching forward over fields, through ancient woods; Stormfågel has made its nest and is here to stay.
The album is mastered by Jouni Havukainen (In Slaughter Natives).

1 Sköldmön 4:49
2 ...But There Was A Hammer 2:19
3 Az Idegen Jövő 5:09
4 Kis Kece Lányom 4:22
5 Herrschaft Des Verbrechens 3:10
6 Várj Meg Vándor 6:21
7 I Cursed Each Tune 3:57
8 Ett Berg Av Fasa 5:27
9 The Smile 5:31
10 Gammal Visa 2:37

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