The Waste Land

GOLGATHA [:Golgatha:]


‘Waste Land’ is the rare prequel to the acclaimed and successful 2008-album ‘Sang Graal’ (with Dawn & Dusk Entwined) and is itself inspired by T. S. Eliot’s enigmatic grail-poem ‘The Waste Land’ which works as a key metaphor for a spiritually dying world.
On “Waste Land” sinister and pessimistic soundscapes unfold and spread fragmented allusions and remarks on spiritual death and cultural clash. The symbolic name of :Golgatha: - which is the execution hill in Jerusalem where Jesus had been crucified - was never more fitting than in this early apocalyptic soundtrack for an Inner Cinema, carried by ritual drums, dark drones, mysterious sounds and sacred voices.

For this re-release the original sound was totally re-mastered and appears more powerful than ever before. The original artwork is added by bleak photos from the same era to complete the image. This CD contains two original versions of tracks later remixed by Dawn & Dusk Entwined for ‘Sang Graal’.
Bonus tracks: two combined tracks from ‘In the Crystal Cage’-compilation (2004) and ‘Shred your skin’ from the SAW II-soundtrack by Charlie Clouser (Trisol).

‘Waste Land’ is a terrifying soundtrack for the Kali Yuga, the darkest of ages.

01 - Purification (1:56)
02 - Vortex of Life (V.2) (4:06)
03 - Eternal Kali Yuga (5:43)
04 - Transmutation (V.2) (4:09)
05 - The End (V.2) (3:04)
06 - Shadowland (4:40)
07 - Echoes from the Past (3:30)
08 - Prayer (V.2) (3:18)
09 - Agonia / Invasion (V.2) (5:41)
10 - The Clash (V.2) (4:50)
11 - Ruins (3:53)
12 - Room 101 (5:15)
13 - March and Elegy (V.2) (4:22)
14 - Waste Land - Cactus Land (3:30)
15 - In the Crystal Cage (from In the Crystal Cage compilation, 2005) (2:12)
16 - Shred Your Skin (from SAW II soundtrack, 2006) (4:41)

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