Kydos – Reflections on Heroism

GOLGATHA [:Golgatha:]

CD Digipack (ATNR 029 ) - ATHANOR

Great epic bombast soundtrack featuring some folk songs by this a fascinating German band who managed to have 2 contributions by Patrick Leagas of SIXTH COMM (ex-
One of them sounds like if it came from the ‘Nada’ album session !
There is also a superb “Heroes Days” cover from the early SOL INVICTUS incarnation ...
KudoV (kydos) means wonder, in the sense of awe; the heroic attraction resulting from cruelty in Homers epic ‘Ilias’ and ‘Odyssee’.
The later englisch ‘kudos’ means fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; thus by logical extension is often used as a praising remark.
Comes as a nice ltd edition 6 pages digipak.

01 Death March
02 Fields of Honour
03 Kamikaze
04 Icarus
05 Worldserpent
06 Heldentag
07 Bury all Hope
08 In the Name of…
09 Twilight Hills
10 Final Age of Heroism
11 Appendix: Eternal Peace (Bonus track)

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