The Horns Of Joy

GOLGATHA [:Golgatha:]

CD Digipack (TRI 435 CD ) - TRISOL

Over the last few years the German group :GOLGATHA:, who were founded in 2004 as a dark ambient band, have succeeded in cultivating their own unique style via a series of ambitious concept albums and live appearances.
They describe this style as 'ritual folk'.
This album is dedicated to the nihilistic tendencies of the early 20th century and their necessary overcoming.
'The Horns of Joy' is serious and mature, ambivalent and profound and amounts to more than just aestheticised gloom.
After early creative collaborations with SIXTH COMM, TONY WAKEFORD and HERBST9, for 'The Horns of Joy' they got the vocalists from DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED und WHILE ANGELS WATCH on board and have created inimitable hymns about the great calamities of the 20th century: "This is the sound of war - what has it all been good for?".
Trancelike rhythms slowly build up, making way for songs of guilt and pain, but also of hope and joy.

Tracklist :
1 Enchantment 3:14
2 Fertility 3:40
3 The Iron Rose 3:09
4 The Horns Of Joy 4:27
5 Hymn For The Fallen One 3:08
6 The Dogs Of War Written By Pink Floyd 3:55
7 The Sound Of War Written By Gitane DeMone 4:02
8 Hammer Or Anvil 4:38
9 Body Of Wind 4:09
10 Nihil 2:56
11 Rising 4:14
12 Dukha 3:36
13 Death In Honour 4:29

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