Desire Rites


CD Digipack (TRI 302 CD) - TRISOL

For a long time the British neo-classic and gothic folk band SIEBEN and their singer and virtuoso Matt Howden have provided us with an impressive sound: catchy and stirring tunes, ritual trance loops, an emotional voice.
The „rites of desire“ ask for more cutting sounds, precise rhythms and more direct lyrics. While SIEBEN's earlier works focussed dreamy, remote harmonies and fantasies, we are now confronted with stronger beats, a pulse of emotions which are even more hypnotic and driving than before.
Those who have had the chance to experience Matt Howden live will find the raw energy and passion he unleashes on stage in this very album.
He simply takes his violin and uses his artistic intuition to create this unique powerful sound of his.
This album comes in a precious digipak and presents the lyrics in an atmospheric 28-pages booklet which visualizes the topics.
It is designed by Howden's favourite designer Paul Jackson, whose artwork has already graced the most recent releases of Neo-folk legend CURRENT 93.

1 River Sheaf (1:49)
2 Learn Some Sense, Howden (3:33)
3 My Prize, My Punishment (3:26)
4 Rite Of Amends (3:32)
5 Rite Against The Right (4:04)
6 Missolonghi Sky (4:19)
7 Come To My Bed (0:35)
8 All-Encompassing Rite (4:32)
9 Rite For The Unfullfilled (4:11)
10 A Modern Hymn For The Religious (0:27)
11 Turn The Power (3:35)
12 Communication Rite (3:34)
13 Desire Rite (4:32)

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