Invisible Front, 2005


CD Jewel Box (TRI 202 CD) - TRISOL

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Spatial, also in its structure: airy and volatile, the synths' tracks go well with the heavy low frequencies and the slow pulsations of a finely built structure.
There isn't any dancefloor hits, but there's a sequel of electronica constructions, with synths close to the new-age digital sounds of Tangerine Dream.
But, if you can find some traditional robotic experimental sequences dear to Angelo Bergamini, this album is awfully humane thanks to the invaluable vocal contribution of Elena Fossi.
The maestro alter ego illuminates "Invisible Front.2005" with her delicate and sensual voice, adding a carnal dimension to the very minimal compositions ...
This album even seems to be inspired by the simpler project of Elena, Siderartica (K-Space-Y 1), pushing away Kirlian Camera further from the martial and sepulchral sounds of a few years ago.
As complex as clear, this "Invisible Front.2005" turns up to be a fascinating spatial adventure ....
Incorporeal, statuesque, alienated & magic !
From pop to future-avantgarde ...
guests : Jarboe & Naevus

Tracklisting :
01 Mission Diary 1 (2:56)
02 K-Pax (6:18)
03 Nefertiti One (4:47)
04 Dead Zone In The Sky (Vintage Solution Mix) (6:37)
05 The Immaterial Children (5:53)
06 The Path Of Flowers (4:46)
07 K-Space-Y 1 (7:24)
08 Kobna Dob (The Sinister Season) (5:55)
09 A Woman's Dreams (7:32)
10 K-Space-Y 2 (6:59)
11 Recorded Memory (2:47)

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