Marble Hart


CD Digifile (ATNR034) - ATHANOR

This is the debut release of Grey Force Wakeford, a collaborative project between the three kult post-industrial figures that are Kris Force, Nick Grey and Tony Wakeford. Listeners familiar with their indivual and collective works (Sol Invictus, Amber Asylum, 230 Divisadero...) can expect deterritoralized choruses and inter-exchanged song-writing moments arranged in a delightfully sensual threeway musical collaboration.
Faux-spiritual drone-folk from Nick Grey enters into a very stark contrast with more serious, moody edges from neo-folk pioneer Tony Wakeford, while moments of intense communion between Kris Force and Grey come off as a relief of earth-crying gloom and experimental processes and methods recalling Philip Glass' most divine moments, meeting old school industrial angst à la Throbbing Gristle with a twist of sublime, early Brian Eno.
Force and Grey craft a general climate of neo-classical acoustic technique and chamber music arrangements, meeting up with Wakeford's ownset of aesthetics and conjuring a heart-warming, post-jazzy, epic fusion of the senses.
Various clarinets, live vibraphone, antique old piano, creeping blues-garage guitar, voices in chorus, masterfully haunting strings and vocal solos all rejoice in a whole new genre of extremely humble post-industrial musical theatre, replete with up-to-date electronic processing techniques..

1 The Weavers Dream 3:11
2 1234 5:06
3 Vercors 5:13
4 Marble Heart 4:30
5 King Solomon's Architects 7:40
6 Winter Again 4:28
7 Maritime Passage 7:16
8 And The Name He Gave Me 1:50
9 December 7:42
10 Shadows In The Light 7:32

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