CD Jewel Box (SR9331) - SILENT RECORDS

Arcane Device and Pulsewidth are David Myers.
David Myers, as Arcane Device, released the first ever CD on Silent Records in 1990, followed with another release 2 years later "Trout".

David was part of the noise bands and cassette traders of the late 80's and early 90's.
And "Arcane Device" is a name that is familiar to many involved in this world also due to his many live appearances and his many compilation appearances.
Having been released on labels such as RRR, Silent Records, Staalplaat and Recommended, Arcane Device has solidified its place in the experimental noise community.
His sound was something special as he was always recording sounds produced by sound-effect machines he was releasing on his own ...
A must for lovers of Experimental Electronic of the late 80es / 90es.

Tracklist :
1 Navel To The Moon 5:36
2 Squid 6:04
3 Drazy Hoops 8:08
4 Where Bees Go In 6:42
5 A Tin Teardrop 11:09
6 Meate Rose 6:54
7 Through A Fly's Ear 7:24
8 The Sun Softly Melts A Nothing Wheel 6:10

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