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CD Jewel Box (functional 007 ) - TESCO / FUNCTIONAL

Asche is a German one-man musical project by Andreas Schramm dealing with noise, power electronics, and droning ambient.
Schramm was also a founding member of the industrial group Ars Moriendi, and is a co-member of the ritual-ambient project Templegarden’s ...

Tracklist :
1 Urknall 16:21
2 Nerves Floating - Orgy 15:17
3 ... Und Es War Krieg Am Horizont 7:18
4 Chitipati's Ritual 17:40
4a Pt. I: Warcelebration
4b Pt. II: Locke Seine Dämonen
4c Pt. III: Metalltanz
5 Enjoy Decay 16:36
6 Move! 3:51

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