Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag


CD Digipack (OCCD26) - OLD CAPTAIN

Limited Edition 250 copies

The much acclaimed and sold-out debut LP of Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / B.O.T.C. / Survival Unit etc.) is now made available on compact disc through Old Captain.
Originally released in 2010 on the Swedish label Nattmaran in a limited edition "Att vara där jag var innan jag var jag" contains 10 tracks making for a neck-breaking journey down a rabbit hole paved with rusty metal, the only light coming from cobwebbed, broken lead glass windows.
And just when you think you are about to land in a bone-infested, giant badger’s nest, the winding hole takes another turn, and you fall backwards down a chute filled with sharpened rods which have impaled all who have come this way; a never-ending fall into a bottomless pit of despair.
The acoustics contained in the tracks are a bit clearer than Olsson’s trademark style, but expect nothing less than a relentless 43-minute gut-punch with an iron-clad skeleton fist.
Inspired by drastic changes in the artist’s personal surroundings, the recording is an obituary of a special time in the annals of the Sundsvall catacombs which this artist has frequented for far longer than what the doctor ordered.
Recordings were made with the expert operation of the usual electronic nightmare arsenal of the Styggelse satanic whore-lord, in addition to thighbone flutes, bowed cymbals, metal barrels, chains, whips, and just about every other abominable material or implement this filth-pig heathen could assemble from the recesses of his anti-human haunts.
With the determination of a snake, the stealth of a panther and the grace of a one-legged terminal patient on an ether binge, Olsson crushes expectations and excels through outright excellence.
Matte-laminated black & white Digipak with postcards.

1 Luguber
2 Körkarlen Vid Selångersån
3 Skuggorna Kommer
4 Kvävs I Sten
5 Chödeine
6 Som Flugor För Herren
7 Vykort Från Garma
8 Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag
9 På Hispan
10 Skvaderkadaver

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