The Berlin Requiem


CD Digipack (OECD 084) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • Retorten Genese
  • Funeral Music II

Give praise to the night and darkness
that close in around you.
Crowd together and look up at the sky
and see that day already slipped away from you.
Give praise for the cold,
the darkness and corruption.
Look up: you do not matter and you can die without
worrying about a thing
/B. Brecht/

Great come-Back with an official CD album after a very long silence by this legend of
old-school industrial !
The more intriguing & aclaimed east european industrial band of all times will surprise you !
Be preapared for a new Enlightening but dark masterpiece ....
Ellegant digipack cover

1 Funeral Music I 7:36
2 Retorten Geneze 9:49
3 Funeral Music II 6:56
4 Radical Machine 3.0 2:56
5 Funeral Music III 4:12
6 Sounds For Remembering Death 10:07

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