Les Machines Ecarlates


CD in Slim DVD Box (OPN CD 07) - OPN

French project know from an album in collaboration with HIV+ or several demo-releases.
"Les Machines Ecarlates" is a kind of ambient soundtrack where elements of industrial and electronics are melting together in mysterious sonic corridors.
Babylone Chaos can be compared, in a strange way, with Aphex Twin.
You can hear beats, but they never last longer than a few measures.

1 Dissect Me (3:39)
2 Scared Datas (5:59)
3 Blood On Thorns (5:20)
4 Cursed Vision (4:18)
5 Death Crusade (3:47)
6 Silent Pain (5:23)
7 L'Auxiliaire Des Menteurs (3:22)
8 Paranoiac Morons (4:25)
9 Deambulation (5:07)
10 Under Control (6:52)

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