La Fosse de Babel


CD Digipack (OECD 186) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


74 minutes of bombastic, néoclassical & tribal post-industrial muzak which describes dark “survivalists” martial processions and post-apocalyptic landscapes.
The album invites guests and brothers in arms as like: TSIDMZ, Vir Martialis, Front Sonore and includes the well-known propagandist and militant hymns in support of Ba’athism and Hezbollah “In Bashar we Trust”, “Army of Mahdi” and “Syria”.
with speeches of Aleksandr Dugin, Raymond Abellio, Jean Parvulesco, Vladimir Putin, Bashar-Al-Assad & Hugo Chavez…
“La Fosse de Babel” is an apocalyptic and combative soundtrack for the final eschatologic battle of the end, a sacred doctrine to built the Transfigured New Man to come …
When the Red Sun of the Great Eurasian Imperium will rise and Imam Al-Mahdi will come.

Tracklist :
01. The 4th Political Theory
02. La Structure Absolue
03. In Bashar we Trust
04. Army of Mahdi (Walked in Line)
05. Syria
06. Vers un Nouveau Prophétisme
07. a Fosse de Babel
08. Khalwat al Abdal
09. Ungern Kahn, le Cavalier du Vril
10. Le Grand Empire Eurasiatique da la Fin

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