Just a Love Song

Various Artists

12" Vinyl (OELP 001 / LR47AOE) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

One of the historical & very first OEC releases !

All contiributors was singing the translation on their mother language of the same "love" songt on their own sounds ....
The final result is UNIQUE & brings you through very different fields of industrial, ambient, noise & folk sounds !

Featuring exclusive tracks by :
Claustrofobia - Spain
MCH Band - Czech Repubblic
Gerogerigegege - Japan
Bene Gesserit - Belgium
De Fabriek - Netherlands
Vox Populi - France / Persia
f:a.r. - Italy
Tzarina Q Cut - Denmark
Algebra Suicide - USA
Merzdowshek - Yugoslavia
Crime'o'Nautix - Outern Sapace
Masters of the napalm death - UK

Special editon in Red vinyl !
Special full LP size booklet with one page for each involved group !
A rare collectors item !


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