Wehrwolf Dharma [folding cover]


CD Folder (UFA 33) - UFA MUZAK

Military pop / Esoteric industrial by the French sound battalion BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK. This masterpiece is hard to file under a certain style, as they are so interwoven in music and can't be clearly defined.
Ethnic elements, cimbals, shamanic singing, heavy drones, synth lines and lots of vocals blend together into an insane mix of apocalyptic, ritual and orchestral neoclassics.
The album's concept is no less complex and sophisticated, it was inspired by the theories of Hans Horbiger and northern dark shamans cults.
Spinning around the magic of seids and werewolf mysteries, the hidden plot of the songs tells us about the attempt to rewrite the history of Hyperborean race from the very beginning, from the fall of Thule legend.
The ice-cold atmosphere of this album penetrates into the fundamental principle of a mystery, and the werewolf spirit sleeping in collective unconscious wakes up.
BU ised in their work texts by J. Parvulescu, R. Howard, A. Rosenberg, M. Marmin (creator of "Greece" new right-wing group in France).
The album contains tribute songs to Runes Order and Celtic Frost...
Cold merciless ambience of a forest where secret is buried in soil itself, dark paths that protect and wreck, gibbous Moon singing silent songs...
in darkness it starts the dreadful game of death, and the sound of broken bones and the wild howl of wolves become a new catastrophic believe.

1 Фde Au Nйolithique Antйrieur
2 Le Solstice Cosmique De La Fin
3 Kveld-Ulfr: Les Loups De La Derniиre Heure
4 Hamrammr Rising
5 Innocence & Wrath (Celtic Frost Tribute)
6 Winter's Reign
7 Fallen Moons ( Collaboration With Phalanx Feat The White Rabbit)
8 Atlantis Magna
9 Pagan Order (Runes Order Tribute)
10 Winter's Reign Remix By Phalanx Feat The White Rabbit

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