Bedscanner Philosophy: An Updated Boudoir Mode


CD Jewel-Box (MHCD 005) - MINUS HABENS

Originating from source material previously released as the first SIGILLUM S vinyl LE "BOUDOIR PHILOSOPHY" (ADN, 1988), this is the digital perspective, a re-recorded, re-engineered version for contemporary absorption dated 1992.
Underlining the stark proposal of the analogical description with the surgical precision of technological evolution, the final result is a mirror for beams to feedback from present cascade to past streams and back again...UNLlMlTED RE-DEFINITION.
A sonic manifesto of the sexoterick strategies of kaos katalysis forming the backbones of the SIGILLUM S beast, here are the focus and the seeds, the lust and the probes.
An extreme statement of absolute freedom, pushing paradoxes where codes get pregnant and biological horrors obtain media availability.
Occult senses open channels in these mindscapes...
Drink the juices out of HYPERSCARS.

1.  Bios 6:27
2.  Unterbewust 8:07
3.  Boudoir Philosophy 7:11
4.  Transcendence Of Desire Symbols 4:49
5.  Justine, Juliette 4:44
6.  Pleasure Catalysis Of Random Nature 9:20
7.  Oltre 3:59
8.  Perpetual Redefinition 7:27
9.  Thanatos 5:50

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