Comes in nice 6 panel Digipak .
Finallyy here comes Berkana debut full album after his first 7" on Hau Ruck some years ago !
Best German Neofolk (as we are used from bands like Orplid or Forseti ..) but with a very personal touch of neoclassic and some dark industrial contaminations ...

The album was recorded from 2002 to 2004 and contains amog others texts by :
J.F. Von Eichendorf & from the thirty years war ...
as well as music by Ludwig Van Beethoven ...

The album coms in a very ellegant 6 pannels digipack with all songs texts , of course on German language !

Tracks klist :
01. Weltmacht (Prolog)
02. Dunkel
03. Krieg
04. Traumlied
05. Libertas' Klage
06. Nacht
07. Im Morgenlicht
08. Lichtrad
09. Vergänglichkeit
10. M. F.
11. Blick zu den Sternen
12. Die Sonne im Herzen im Lichte voran
13. Weltenfall (Epilog)

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