Zero Tollerance

RE.SISTANCE [A Challenge of Honour]

CD-R DVD Box (SKA02 / 009 - Halbwelt 002) - HALBWELT

Re.Sistance is a Power-Noise Project BY Peter Savelkoul (A CHALLANGE OF HONOUR) and Benjamin Boudin (ALFA TAU BAU).
Re.Sistance started in 2000 as Opfertag and changed its name in 2001.
Contains also poster of first live apearance by Re.Sistance.
Rare album.

1 Messages
2 Anyway, Where Is Your Mother
3 Situation
4 Resistance (Again The NWO)
5 Never Feed Your Enemies
6 Marchinery Forces It's Way In
7 Non Of You Left
8 Shellshock
9 You Can't Handle The Truth
10 Heartbeat
11 Crime Against Humanity
12 You Are A Lying Member
13 24th Floor

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