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The 20 years anthology of creative work from the french composer, consisting of only previously unreleased material.

Bernard Donzel-Gargand is a celebrity in Annecy but unfortunately less known abroad, especially because he published just one CD of fabulous works on Plate Lunch in 2001. Before discovering electroacoustic music in 1978, he participated in the free jazz movement and improvised music.
Since that time, he is the author of acousmatic music, works for animation, dance and interactive contemporary art.
In 1981, he founded the Collectif & Cie studio, together with Philippe Blanchard, Alain Basso, Philippe Moenne-Loccoz, and Peter Ernrooth, amongst others.
Later on, with Philippe Blanchard he founded Studio Forum and the yearly festival "Le Bruit de la Neige".
Bernard was born in 1955 and composing the music since 70s, he knew personally Pierre Schaeffer and received some prizes at GMEB concours in Bourges.
He influenced Blanchard a lot, and his music was perfect example for many other young musicians in Annecy.
But his musical career was not so active, because Bernard prefers to work alone in his studio rather than promote his music for publicity.
But his works can be compared with the best electroacoustic music coming from France, and his name should be mentioned with celebrities like Michel Chion, Xavier Garcia, Bernard Parmegiani, Luc Ferrari and Francois Bayle.
His pieces are breathtaking and transcending the sense of time.

1 L'Olivier 6:10
2 Par La Main 3:42
3 Eloge De La Folie 21:09
4 Ambivalence 10:20
5 Les Géantes Bleues 5:01
6 Dialogue 11:50
7 Tohu Bohu 12:06
8 Un Ailleurs Perdu 5:59

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