CD Digipack (Zohar 003-2) - ZOHARUM

For this album Bisclaveret invited a mix of nine bands from the industrial and neo-folk scene to re-work / re-mix their tracks !
Involved progects are :
- Moan
- Endraum
- Sleeping Pictures
- Loverdozed
- Horologium
- Hoarfrost
- synta[XE]rror
- Ghosts of Breslau
- God's Bow

Each of them reinterpreted Bisclaveret songs in their vein adding surprising elements,
thus creating and exploding stylistic mix:
from minimal sounds based on vocals and subtle melodies through elements of goth ending with electro-industrial versions.
'Amalgame' presents a new face of this Polish band.
The disc contains a special bonus, 'Insane in God' video.
The disc comes in a very ellegant 6 pannel digipack !

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