Cortex Stimulation / Virtual Impact


2xCD Digipak (ZOHAR 238-2) - ZOHARUM

HYBRYDS reissue in the Zhoarum series.
This time we get two fullalbums, which, despite a few years between them, complement each other perfectly, showing a slightly more electronic face of the work of Belgian musicians.
First CD "Cortex Stimulation" was recorded with the participation of befriended musicians Dive and Deutsch Nepal.
The second disc "Virtual Impact" is a 100% live album, recorded during the band's performances at MS Stubnitz, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Nursery Injection, also featured Deutsch Nepal and Dive / guests...
Originally, both albums were published by Daft Records, owned by Dirk Ivens.
Today, refreshed, completely remastered and with new artwork by Sandy Nys, give the opportunity to rediscover for those who already know the earlier publications. For those who have not had yet the opportunity to know them in the past, it will allow to uncover an interesting and creative period in the activities of Hybryds.

§ Cortex Stimulation
1-1 The Beast 6:58
1-2 Cortex Stimulation 13:53
1-3 Inside My Mind 5:10
1-4 Fractal Collapse 6:51
1-5 Angels Loose Their Wings 6:02
1-6 I Walk Alone 6:02
1-7 Launching Virus 7:20
1-8 The Snake 5:08
1-9 Silence Of The Noise 10:47
1-10 I Hear You Whisper 3:54
1-11 Coda 0:19

§ Virtual Impact - Live
2-1 Silence Of The Noise 8:48
2-2 Inside My Mind 5:13
2-3 Fly 3:59
2-4 On The Seventh Day 6:44
2-5 Launch Virus 7:45
2-6 Noise2trance 10:12
2-7 The Beast 7:45
2-8 Cortex Stimulation 13:43
2-9 Queued 5:52

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