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This is a "Divine Frequency" release but was co-produced and s exclusively distributed through Old Europa Cafe.

operettAmorale is Massimo & Pierce's personal tribute to the poetry of German poet, playwright and thinker Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956).
The album is composed of 11 classic Brecht's songs, here revisited according to Massimo & Pierce's irreverent attitude.

Massimo & Pierce invited some of their friends to contribute to operettAmorale :
- COIL recorded the song A List of Wishes (one of the latest studio performances by Johnn Balance) purposely for this album.
- LYDIA LUNCH delivered his incomparable voice for The Ballad of Sexual Dependency
- HR GIGER contributed with the cover artwork and a vocal cameo appearance on Seeräuber-Jenny.

operettAmorale was produced by Massimo & Pierce in collaboration with Larsen's member Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, whom also provided some original music and the acoustic arrangements.
Among the musicians whom partecipated to operettAmorale's recording sessions are Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons) and Marco Schiavo (Larsen).

This album was produced by DIVINE FREQUENCY and is in exlusive worldwide distribution by OEC !

1 Brothel Tango 5:18
2 The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency 2:43 Vocals - Lydia Lunch
3 Pimp Ballad 4:23
4 Ratschläge Einer Älteren Fose An Eine Jüngere 4:53
5 Seeräuber-Jenny 5:38 Vocals - HR Giger
6 Johnny Over The Sea 7:06
7 La Canzone Dei Pendagli Da Forca 3:08
8 A List Of Wishes 7:37 track by : COIL
9 Ballade Von Der Höllenlili 2:58
10 Über Die Verführung Von Engeln 3:11
11 What Keeps Mankind Alive? 6:18

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