The Impossibility of Silence


2xCD Digipack (OECD 086) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Following the band’s highly acclaimed 2005 album operettAmorale, consisting of 23 tracks spanning two thematic CDs, As Above and So Below.
Coming into a luxurious 8 panels digipack illustrated by Val Denham, the Impossibility of Silence is a cinematic journey into sonic abstractness and poetic concretism.
Chasing rhythms and haunting melodies to score a motion picture made of eerie dreams and hallucinogenic visions.
It is Moon Music for the children of darkness, a gloomy invocation to all executed poets and a lullaby echoing through the silence.
Labelled by the artists themselves as ‘intuitive music for sensible ears’,
the album incorporates reworked versions of material originally featured in the Black Sun Productions’ limited edition releases : Toilet Chant (2004) and Once in a Full Moon (2005) as well as new and unreleased material.
The album is littered with contributions by guest artists such as Lydia Lunch, Val Denham, Sudden Infant, Sonne Hagal and Testing Vault.

Double album at the price of a single album!

§ As Above
Sewage Symphony 5:57
Autopsia Di Un Poeta 6:02
A Tree Now 6:43
Down The Lane 3:17
Yesterday's Dream 6:08
Ode To Oetzi 7:12
Yorkshire Hills 2:06
The Skunk 8:54
El Grito 2:13
Vultures And Vagaries 5:45
Spermatic Cord 14:20

§ So Below
Plenilunium 5:25
Backbone 4:36
Murdered Sons 4:25
A Well Hung Monk 9:40
Ov Silence 2:19
God? 3:18
A Furry Waiter 2:58
Solar Lounge 3:44
Flight Of The Pelican 4:38
Time For Pepper 1:38
Phobos And Deimos 5:19
Once In A Full Moon 5:05

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