Boiling Pool



Limited Edition 245 copies

For those experiments Column One were:
René Lamp
Tom Platt
Andrew Loadman
Rashad Becker
Stea Andreasson
Jürgen Eckloff
Robert Schalinski

“Boiling Pool“ consists of 953 fragments, 722 situations, 952 interuptions & countless Sources , intensions & beings.
Recorded at various places between 1971 & 2016.
Edited, mixed & produced at Polly´s Home, 23rd of may 2016 by Robert Schalinski .
Mastered by Polly Sinclair 2016.
Collage “The King Ape Feeds At Dawn“ by Robert Schalinski.

source donation... Derek Holzer, Antoin Chesex, Konrad Schalinski, Paul Viebeg, Nada & Rasmus, Leo Solter, Remo Lamp, Zei Tkratzer, Hilke Schalinski, Jürgen Ploog, Mirko Uhlig, Nocturne, Herbert Brauer, Nora Below, WSB, Joachim Schönfeld …

“Time is a human affliction; not a human invention but a prison.
So what is the meaning of one hundred sixty million years without time? ...“
William S. Burroughs

Limited edition of 245 copies.

Side a POOLING 444 fragments
side b BOILING 509 fragments

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