Breath and Stream



’Breath and Steam’ is the latest CD album by Rémi Dazet, the mastermind behind Violent Shogun.
He's been active lately also with other projects like HATTIFNATTAR, CRYPTOFASCISME and MOLD, which are swimming in the similar experimental noisy waters.
All those projects stand on their own feet, and the releases have been well thought out and nothing less than brilliant.
Nevertheless, Violent Shogun can be seen as his main project, and it's always exciting to see which directions the sound is progressing to next.
Sound palette on ’Breath and Steam’ is hard to describe with usual genre definitions like ”harsh noise” or ”industrial”, as the overall atmosphere is very unique.
Remi has developed his tools further and uses them skillfully for scanning the depths of his own sonic ocean.
This album is very focused. It's minimal and breathtaking at the same time and not least of all, it carries a strong message.

CD comes in silkscreenprinted cardboard digisleeve with two sided insert.

1  Grind
2  Digging
3  Sense Of Purpose
4  Zone World

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