Prolonged Troubles In Concentration And Memory



Limited Edition 300 copies

Tyhjä Pää is noise artist from Northern Finland and is known for fierce live shows, handful of tapes and split releases from recent years, also being a long time organizer in noise underground.
”Prolonged Troubles In Concentration And Memory” is the first full lenght album by Tyhjä Pää and it sets the standards of what Finnish noise is in 2023.
Album is masterfully crafted, razor sharp and detailed cut-up junk noise, like a constant barrage of flying sharpnels, built up with a vision that reveals new layers after every bombardment.
So crank up the volume and take cover.

1  Brain Fog Fever
2  Pit Of Despair
3  Läpi Kemian
4  Kaikki Hallinnassa
5  Sharpnell Garden
6  Infarctrastructure

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