Finger Pointing to the Moon


CD in Silkscreened Folder (SATATUHATTA-24) - SATATUHATTA

Limited Edition 200 copies

This is not your typical noise album.
Harsher palette familiar from previous Mogao releases has been put momentarily aside.
Approach now is more intimate with two lingering tracks painting the picture of abandoned landscape, where the flock of electronic birds are swimming amongst the analog warmth of broken piano ambience, echoing the names of Brian Eno and David Tudor in mind.
And this is the painting you can touch, feeling all the rough textures and cracks in the canvas to find out all the hidden details.
A new age of Finnish electroacoustic noise.

Special Silkscreened Cover plus 2 inserts.

1.  Winterbirds 28:05
2.  Finger Pointing To The Moon 26:45

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