Children of the Wisteria



Green Tea is the noise project by Nick Forté (Half Mortal, Rorschach) with an extremely evocative, even psychedelic approach.
'Children of the Wisteria', the second full-length album following the project's brilliant debut on New Forces, brings forth wonderful and tasty harsh noise, floating on the currents of an exotic ocean of tranquillizing new age sounds.
A deep listening and whole body experience for noise lovers.

1   Hacking At Branches, Hitting Bone 5:38
2   Twining Vine Supremacy 4:41
3   Wedding Beneath A Wasp Nest 6:47
4   Patio Mist Euphoria 9:18
5   Tropical Chainsaw 8:23
6   Underground Orchids / Wisp 12:38
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