Limited Edition 300 copies

Mold is new French-Finnish collaboration by two very distuingishable noise artists known from the projects like H.Ö.H. and Violent Shogun.
Together they have produced a very detailed noise album that has the signature sound of both by crude tape loops and broken mixers.
While not being overly harsh on the surface, it dives into molecular level of sound, examining the origins of texture and stretching the possibilities of tape magic.
Usually, when looked close enough, things are at their roughest and reveal the harsh layers they are made of.

1. Shovel Fuck 03:34
2. Aluminium Heart 04:03
3. Salmonella Trap 02:19
4. Untitled 03:41
5. Forgotten Dishwater 03:19
6. Untitled 02:44
7. Untitled 02:29
8. Black Lung 02:44
9. Untitled 03:02
10. Untitled 02:58
11. 16 02:40

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