Zabriskie / Manor


Mini 3" CD in Plastic-Case (SATATUHATTA-48) - SATATUHATTA

Limited Edition 200 copies

"Zabriskie / Manor" is a follow up release of the excellent Model Of Malehood released last year on Tribe Tapes, a label run by artist himself.
This material was originally recorded to C90 and only a handful of copies were passed around.
Those familiar with music of Max Julian Eastman know the dream-like atmosphere that it holds in.
It's like a mixture of old beaten copy of action movie VHS and a hazy setting of 80's Playboy photoshoot, rumble and comfort combined.
The material was revisited for this 3" CD resulting compact and a very unique release that is not heard everyday, with intend to maintain the properties of original medium.
Scrap metal, turntables and cassette sources were probably harmed during the recording process.
Ambient Noise

Mini CD in a Blue Plastic Cae + insert - Limited edition of 250.

1 Zabriskie #34
2 Manor #28
3 Zabriskie #39
4 Manor #46
5 Zabriskie #68
6 Manor #54
7 Zabriskie #48
8 Manor #36
9 Zabriskie #61

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