Butterfly Drowned In Oil

PATIENT K (Kevin Tomkins of Sutcliffe Jugend / Sutcliffe No More)

CD Digipak (4iB073) - 4iB

Limited Edition 200 copies

Butterfly Drowned In Oil is a follow up to Patient K (Kevin Tomkins - Sutcliffe No More, formally Sutcliffe Jugend) first album Piss Artist.
The 13 songs contained showcase the same fucked up sounds and vocals, fully representative of the vile world that the deranged psyche of Kevin Tomkins dwells in.
For fans who enjoy Kevin's first album Piss Artist, Patient K will continue to fill that unique space in any collection.
CD comes in a trifold cardboard sleeve, with a 12pp booklet featuring the stunning artwork of Patient K.

1.  Strong (7:08)
2.  Bovine Rant (0:31)
3.  Butterfly Drowned In Oil (5:34)
4.  Scum (4:29)
5.  Split (6:38)
6.  Bovine Anaesthetist (1:28)
7.  Mirror Smashed (3:29)
8.  Twitch (1:01)
9.  The Bends (6:37)
10.  Fucking With Vultures (5:30)
11.  A Sound In The Swirling Air (0:28)
12.  Handsome (5:39)
13.  Needy Fucker (5:03)

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