Il Mestiere delle Armi (SPECIAL EDITION)


7" Picture Disc + Book (OESR 004 - SE) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Special edition of 100 numbered copies including a large book, very last 2 copies available at the Cafe !

Split release by two Roman bands.
3 tracks between pop & folk, combinig "classic" lyrics & preyers to "classic" sounds & voices, a masterpiece of neo-romanticism & tradition inspired by Ermanno Olmi's Movie :
"Il Mestiere delle Armi".
Devoted to: true values, love, hate, war, betrayal, consciusness of beeing part of humanity.
The value of beeing a man above parts, above good and bad, without conditions, without exclusions ...
Something really special & to be discovered !
Special edition of 100 copies with aditional large book explaining Olmi's Movie!

Tracklist :
A1 De Profundis
B1 Centro Nevralgico (Merlot Version)
B2 Centro Nevralgico (Profile Remix)

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14.08.2009 - Kronic

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