Integrity of the Preconscious System

CAZZOKRAFT [Cazzodio/Linekraft collaboration]

CD Digipack (OECD 191) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


Conceived between Saitama and Berlin, this album is a collaboration between Japanese junk metal noise-master Masahiko Okubo (LINEKRAFT) and Italian rhythmic heavy electronics pioneer P/S (CAZZODIO, NAXAL PROTOCOL).
A bludgeoning combination of the analogue pulsations of vintage Italian power electronics, the furious overdriven metal percussion Linekraft is renowned for, and the trademark mechanical saturated electronics of Cazzodio, assembled with the earsplitting esthetics of Japanese noise.
Featuring American death industrial wunderkind The Vomit Arsonist, who contributes vocals on one track.
Beautiful as the fortuitous meeting of a shark-operated modular synthesizer and a mental patient hitting on broken car parts, licking rusty chunks of metal to release the tension ...

Tracklist :
1. Egas Moniz
2. Delta Germination
3. Beta Decay
4. Prefrontal Leucotomy
5. Gamma Decay
6. Pedro Almeida Lima
7. Alpha Decay
8. Gamma Germination

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