CD Digipack (OCCD06) - OLD CAPTAIN

A collaborative work by two modern alchemists, Eugene Voronovsky and Olegh Kolyada.
A transmutation of Saturn into Sol with the goal of attaining immortality.
A cross-border of avant-garde jazz (featuring Sergei Letov, saxophone player) and dark ambient (Cisfinitum & First Human Ferro) reveals cryptic alchemicals, diagrams, and vocalisms (featuring James Thirlwell of Foetus fame) that contain multiple layers of meanings, allegories, and references to be laboriously decoded in order to discover true meaning hidden from its creators.

James Thirlwell - text, voice (6)
Sergei Letov - C-Melody sax (4, 5)
Peter Smirnov - sounds, rainstick, singing bowls, bells (2-7)
Thierry Jolif - noise, orthodox loop (7)
Olegh Kolyada- soundscapes, processed sounds, synth layers (1-6)
Eugene Voronovsky- keyboards, violin, noises, sound construction (2-7)

1. Eastern Sun
2. Rosa Mundi Emblem
3. Enter K
4. Manikarnika
5. Ravens of Nevermore
6. New Cleansed Order
7. The Wind that Blows, Asks: "which leaf on the tree will be next to go?"

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