In the Cube


CD Digipack (Rage 63) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

Bold and original arrangements, dense and oppresive electronic sounds, aggressive industrial phrases, melancholic melodies and cold, impassive voice.
Where the darkness and music become to one, COMPULSIVE SHOPPI NG DISORDER is alone with you.
So at last there is a chance to slow down, stay for a while, look at the mirror and open themselves.
Touching your own weaknesses you get back your sensitivity, lost in depression of life. Listen to this musical diary of everyday fears and find yourself between words setting modern world a challenge.
This is a testimony filled with gloomy romanticism of Kirlian Camera, Coil's sonic sadness and energetic clamour of Skinny Puppy.
Listen on minimal level, at night's solitude.
3-pannel digipack.

1 Dreams     8:15
2 In Confidence     7:01
3 Trash     10:38
4 Mind-Soul     6:59
5 Attraction Of Pain     5:46
6 Fall     7:17
7 In The Cube     6:18

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