Conspicuous Unobstructed Path + Magija


CD Digifile + Bonus CD (ZOHAR 093-2) - ZOHARUM

23 THREADS return after their 20-year hiatus (so much time has passed since the recording of their debut album "Magija") with a brand new offering.
10 tracks that make up the new album "Conspicuous Unobstructed Path" were recorded in New York by the band's core which is: Marek Marchoff (Different State), Ingrid Swen and Rafal Janus with a cast of  guests.
The trio call their own music "MACABRE FOLK" and the term perfectly reflects the nature of their work, with elements of dark or neofolk, and even krautrock with minor inclusions of industrial noise and pulse.
In contrast to the work of Different State, Marchoff places greater emphasis on the acoustic sounds; illbient textures are left behind in favour of guitars, acoustic sound sources, flutes, djambe and voices.
The words play an important role here. 
"Conspicuous Unobstructed Path" is a story full of metaphors, references to esoteric tradition, incorporated into a story of a woman moving through mysterious forests, where she discovers herself again while on this mystical journey.

The whole Includes as bonus album also the re-edition of 23 THREDAS first album "Magija":
"Magija" was recorded in Ciechanów in 1994-95 as a limited CDR on Furia Musica (cat no. 003) in 2001.
This albums is presented in a card sleeve and is exclusively available with ”Conspicuous Unobstructed Path”.

For fans of sonic esoteria like "Current 93" or/and ethereal songs of Pearls Before Swine, but also of modern psychedelia represented by the likes of Opal, Stone Breath, Sunburned Hand of the Man or even Wooden Shjips.

1  In Deep Forest     8:22
2  Philosophy     7:07
3  In Deep Forest Theme     1:23
4  Still Waters     8:56
5  Animal In The Circle     8:24
6  Music Box     1:04
7  The Fallen     4:49
8  Terminal Rise     7:06
9  Seeing     5:35
10  The Bridge (Different State Mega Re-constructed)     5:11

Tracklist bonus CD "Magija":
1  Enlil    
2  Bodhi    
3  Nachasz    
4  Tohuwabohk    
5  Angra Mainju    
6  Isztar    
7  Ereszkigal    
8  Magija    
9  Aumgn 23

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