Dallas War Dance

Various Artists [David E. Williams / Deform Uniform / Orgullo Primitivo]

DVD-R / Data-Disc in DVD-Box (OEDVD 006) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 70 copies


Masterfully filmed and edited by Kurtz FrausunDALLAS WAR DANCE is a document (limited to 70 hand numbered copies) of a live performance by three very distinct American post-industrial artists in Dallas, Texas, USA in January 2015.

DAVID E. WILLIAMS headlines as a cabaret-style solo act (with assistance from Jane Elizabeth of Tesco USA, Erin Powell of Awen and The Muskets, and Katrin Powell of Awen).   Virtually a revue of his 30 years crafting wickedly demented chamber pop, Williams’ surprisingly raw set runs the gamut from the surgical pornography of “The Curious Pediatrician” to the devastating grief of “Here Comes the Cold Narrator” to the historical satire of “Hymn to the Genius of Idi Amin.”  He also performs Muskets-favorite “The Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys” in a militant rendition with the Powells.

Featuring members of Awen and Void Prototype, DEFORM UNIFORM produces a kind of Industrial music that harkens back to the pioneers of the genre, with an emphasis on live improvisation, lyrically and musically incorporating contact microphones and physical hardware via effects processors and drum machines.

ORGULLO PRIMITIVO translates into “Primitive Pride” or “Primitive Arrogance.” Stefan Gonzalez’ describes his project as “experimental grindcore/noisecore/avant garde/industrial/performance art for restless minds.”  Through a combination of traditional and non-traditional percussion, an array of pedals and guttural vocal outbursts, he seeks to “exorcise the demons of (his) daily life as well as bring to the forefront (his) ability to channel a guttural echo from the underbelly of this Earth and within the universe surrounding… a sense of meditative purpose which stretches the musical concept into the territory of the ritualistic.”

Award-winning filmmaker & music producer Kurtz Frausun creates Dark Ambient/Gothic works that utilize religious, historical, and horror-based themes.
He draws inspiration from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Death in June and film directors Leni Riefenstahl, Fritz Lang, David Lynch, as well as the literary works of Rumi, Nietzsche, and William S. Burroughs. 

Trailer For Dallas War Dance: Orgullo Primitivo, Deform Uniform, David E. Williams Live: Produced by Frausun from Kurtz Frausun on Vimeo.

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