Cathédrales de Brume


CD Digipack (A&C 02) - AUBE & CREPUSCULE

Dawn & Dusk Entwined keeps following its path since its debuts on World Serpent ten years ago till the recent albums on Cold Meat Industry, with the soundtrack of the sci-fi novel “Cathédrales de brume” by the French authors Oksana and Gil Prou.

This new album is not to be considered as a "usual" Dawn & Dusk Entwined new album, because it was composed under the inspiration of the novel and even keeps the same name.

It is noticeable that this kind of project (the release of both a book and an soundtrack album at the same time) see the light of day, especially for the French readers who can appreciate the complementarity of such a project.

It succeeds in crystallizing and magnifying the various adventures of a surreal plot, creating a real soundtrack about the destiny of a human condemned to wander simultaneously in the arcanes of space and of his inner psyche.

Creating such a soundtrack allows more freedom to explore alternate musical fields and schemes, offering here a full instrumental album with often shorter tracks but also far more different and surprising atmospheres...

It ranges from the recognizable D&DE trademark, martial and symphonic sound, to dark ambiant through lighter melodic pieces and onirical fantasies, and even some oriental or spacey sounds!

1 Thème D'Amaranth Heliaktor 1:54
2 Thème D'Emmïgraphys 2:03
3 Entrevue D'Éternité 4:49
4 Cathédrales De Brume 1:50
5 Noctis Labyrinthus 4:45
6 Partage De L'Éternité 1:38
7 Les Tonaxarès 1:54
8 Thème De Centipède 1:13
9 Karnak 2:09
10 Larmes 2:07
11 L'Astrée 2:07
12 Les Hexastylis 3:57
13 Ombellianne 0:56
14 La Terre Dévonienne 3:39
15 Tout Devient Possible 1:45
16 Soliloquium In Splendor 5:28
17 Sophonisba 1:27
18 Le Vaisseau Fantôme 3:22
19 Les Hormisdastes 1:12
20 Dégénérescence 2:02
21 L'Ile Des Morts 2:30
22 L'Entrée De L'Enfer 3:40
23 Le Défilé Des Vies 1:53
24 L'Ultime Cathédrale 3:19
25 25 Trou Noir 2:43
26 Une Nouvelle Terre 1:47
27 L'Ultime Quête... 6:20

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