Vanitas Vanitatum


CD Digipack (TW 1.75) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Re-release of the self-released CDr album "Vanitas Vanitatum".
Six songs of decadent and gloomy atmospheres, now with three exclusive new versions of songs originally featured on “The Hikimori songs” 10 inch EP.
The original edition of Vanitas Vanitatum was strictly limited to 99 hand-numbered copies on a printed cdr with A5 special paper packaging.
The revered French project Dawn & Dusk Entwined released its first album now more than 10 years ago on World Serpent, then on various other famous labels like Athanor or Cold Meat Industry, to follow its uncompromised path made of heavily atmospheric and dynamic soundscapes, mixing cinematic dark ambience with forceful, at times martial, rhythms, neo-folk nuances and strong orchestrations, with the permanent care of avoiding the clichés of all styles.
In a era where man was placed at the center of creation, vanities paintings in the 16-17th century were meant to recall him his mortal fate and greater values, God at the time, than human pretentions, consumerism, cheap entertainment...
Maybe now it's questioning time again?

1. Glory of nothing
2. Au bucher des vanites
3. Habio ego sum
4. The fleeting stream of time
5. Homo homini lupus
6. For you shall all return to dust
7. Confinement (Hikimori song revisited)
8. Trinity (revisited)
9. The middle children of history (revisited)

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