CD Jewel Box (IF-25) - INFINITE FOG

Transformalin is a bleak voyage through related genres, particularly dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them.
Consequently, ‘Transformalin’ is a jarring experience that can be harshly rhythmic at one moment and the next dive into unmetered, dragging ambience, while still others draw on martial cadences and horn reveries that echo in the background.
Though mostly instrumental, he does provide ‘narration’ from time to time with primarily clean vocals that range from manically impassioned to psalm-tone catatonia.
Good Dark-Ambient Industrial.

Tracklist :
1 The Level Beyond Human
2 Transformalin
3 Flaggan På Halv Stång I Drömmens Västergård
4 Upon The High Horse Of Selfdestruction
5 Situazion: Lebensgefahr
6 Anoxi
7 The Last Breath Of Tellus
8 Mani VS Apati
9 Tillsammans Men Ensam I Stillhetens Kapell
10 Obducentens Dröm
11 De Vårdar Mig In I Döden

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