Eschatological Scatology


CD Digipack (IF-54) - INFINITE FOG

First time on CD, the most mentioned album of this cult, darkest project from the Netherlands.
The experimental, ambient, and frighteningly noisy musical project Gnaw Their Tongues moves into more of a straight up extra harsh, noisy black metal vibe with this release, and it's lead to a much more intense experience.

1  Eschatological Scatology       4:07
2  The Messianic Downfall         4:52
3  Deepwood Bodytrap   6:36
4  Lash Cultus   4:11
5  Master I Am Done     6:50
6  A Sinister Lurking Grave        5:21
7  The Golden Altar Burns          9:21
8  The Atrocious Angel Of Scatology      10:19

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