Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent


CD Digifile (CBR117) - CRUCIAL BLAST

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Coming in the wake of a series of live performances starting in 2015, this new material from GTT mastermind Mories (Seirom, Cloak Of Altering, Mors Sonat) seems to find him tapping into a heavier, more violent rhythmic element as well as a more pronounced use of synthesizers, producing yet another step in the evolution of GTT's sound.
The band's signature use of unsettling samples and blasts of orchestral power is woven through the mix, turning each track into a seething mass of claustrophobic horror.
Eruptions of ultra-frenzied blackened blast and floor-shaking depth-charge reverberations, ravenous, psychotic vocals and swells of choral despair, distorted electronics and gut-churning bass riffs, mournful horns and weirdly layered female operatic singing - yeah, Hymns delivers on the promise of chaotic horror that one expects from Gnaw Their Tongues, evoking foul, corrupted imagery while also (as usual) streaked with striking moments of warped, morbid beauty.

1   Hold High The Banners Of Truth Among The Swollen Dead 5:04
2   The Speared Promises 4:10
3   Frail As The Stalking Lions 4:32
4   Your Kingdom Shrouded In Blood 5:57
5   Silent Burned Atrocities 4:28
6   Hymn For The Broken, Swollen And Silent 5:19
7   I Have Clad The Pillar In The Flayed Skins 4:21
8   Our Mouths Ridden With Worms 5:52

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