Music Cassette (CBR124CS) - CRUCIAL BLAST

Finnish project by Marko Neuman.
A form of deep-field black static, flecked with elements of power electronics and K2-style junk-avalanche.
Boredom Knife's Stalker emits a cold, piercing gaze instantly.
Feedback and speaker-rumble are carefully probed and manipulated, vicious high frequency noise expressed through rivers of metallic skree that are easy to drown in.
Sharpened metal scrape and cruel noise obsessively carved and sculpted into a latter half of near-complete roar.
Incomprehensible screams of abject horror.
Nightmare distorted vocals blow your hair back, and it all suddenly collapses into itself, leaving you with a brief moment of deadened electrical thrum before it abruptly stops.
Somewhere between the gargantuan murderous PE of Slogun, and the obliterating heaviosity of classic harsh noise.

A.   Envy
B.   Snap

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