Divisione Sensucht

DIVISIONE SENSUCHT (Siegfried / Carnera)

CD Booklet (DDB 02/2017) - BLÜCHER RECORDS

DIVISIONE SENSUCHT is the debut album by a new Italian band formed by some SIEGFRIED members.
DIVISIONE SENSUCHT was born as a kind of SIEGFRIED's alter ego "the warrior shows shameless his more cerebral and melancholic side putting down his arms for a moment".

This first album is a combination of "POP" solutions and "ELECTRONIC" experimentalisms, recording fields and psychedelic ballads, literary quotations and instrumental hypnotism.
Someone called this "Constructivist Electronics"...

1. Apollon Musagete
2. White Horse
3. When Horses Die
4. My Own Way
5. Brucia Il Mio Nome
6. The Sun Devours
7. I Have Lost You Have Gained
8. Lob
9. Fields Of Light
10. Div Sehnsucht
11. Fire In My Eyes
12. Polar Auroras

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