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Limited Edition 300 copies

After two years of silence, finally here comes the 4th SIEGFRIED album “K”.
This album was recorded on October 24 2015 in one unique recording live studio-session, leaving a certain percentage to controlled improvisation.
The band took the decision of overdubbing only vocal parts, this decision was taken for remark the crude essence of those new tracks and fix a definitive new direction compared to the stone-hard production of previous album “Salmo delle Tempeste”.
SIEGFRIED don’t like to be labelled as a simple revival band of the 80es, therefore they was producing this album the old way, without much editing and post-production, exploring different territories, from Space Rock, to Kraut, Dub and Psychedelia….

For all those reasons there is also a ghost track included in the album recorded on Walpurgis night (on April 30 2015) during a long improvised jam-session recorded just with one unique ambient-microphone.
On that night in SIEGFRIED’s “bunker” was born also the title “K” and it was nothing but normal to include one track from such session in that album.

12 tracks that range from D’annunzio to Nijinsky, from Berserk to Kraftwerk: a distillate of urge, and frontality in pure SIEGFRIED stile.
Edition of 300 numbered copies in elegant 3 panels digipack + 16 pages booklet.

01 - Kundalini Rising
02 - Distonia
03 - Sentenza
04 - Berserkir
05 - Psicopolizia
06 - La Follia di Nijinsky
07 - Sopra un Erotik
08 - Kali Yuga
09 - Kraken
10 - Trans Europe Express
11 - Kenaz Muzik
12 - La Notte di Valpurga (Ghost Track)

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