CD Digipak (DIVP30-2022) - DEATH IN VENICE

Limited Edition 200 copies

A long hopeless journey, made even more sick by the fantastic collaboration of the American artist HIMUKALT (Ester Kärkkäinen).
"Apatia" (apathy) is a work to be considered autobiographical.
It contains one of the darkest periods in the life of its creator Vintras (Djinn, Y-Incision).
An endless sequence of fear / sadness / pessimism, which day after day bring the human being into a state of mind of pure apathy.
Sounds reflecting into the vision of their creation of a world inhabited by his own assassins.
The only solution to an already too widespread illness.
Silence and loneliness are the only sources of survival.
Suicide, the emergency door for few people.

1 Nothing... Endless   6:51
2 Attendre en Silence Part. 1  4:44
3 Apatia  14:44  (Guest: Himukalt)
4 Pre Depression   5:53
5 Unheard Voices Part. 1  7:15
6 Attendre En Silence Part. 2   6:15
7 Unheard Voices Part. 2   5:07
8 Negazione   6:20
9 New Damn Day   4:48
10 Insomnia   8:53

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