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  • 18 November 1978
  • Away from it all
  • Daughter of Evil
  • Unborn

Djinn returns after about 10 years from his last full-length album with this new work based on year 1978.
The year in the modern era in which the biggest mass-suicide was perpetrated.
More than 900 person was killing themselves on November 18 1978 in Jonestown, exactly the same day in which Vintras, the mind behind Djinn, was born.
A date which became the symbol of the beginning and the end, of self-inflicted death.
In this album Vntras collects the more obscure side of mankind actions and reproduce them into a very dark form of death ambient, without hope, without future.
Pure antisocial muzak, exactly the way he likes to represent himself.

01. Listen... (intro)
02. Daughter of evil
03. Away from it all
04. Unborn
05. Still waiting
06. Kept alive
07. Delirium
08. Reform of the disease
09. 18 November 1978

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